Sunday, December 16, 2012

On the Road Again.

 Well, it has been long enough.
Summer has seen the cobwebs on this blog, and now, finally, after another quarter at school, I've decided to dust off this ol' girl and let you know how life has been. 

Fall quarter of my sophomore year at UCLA is over and done with (Eek! Time flies by so fast!) and what better way to commemorate the end of finals and get back home than with a road trip? 

We were just driving out from lunch off the Grapevine when a shop marked "Antique Mall" caught my eye. Driving with two other boys, I wasn't so sure they'd be up for the adventure, but Matt and Jason were all for it!
And lo and behold, an adventure we did have... 

The shop was jam-packed with goodies from every era, from unopened Coca Cola bottles from the late 1800s (Matt picked up one of those!) to WWII radios.

A couple of the rooms were decorated such that they seemed to belong to little houses of their own!

And don't even get me started on the soda memorabilia.

There was even a large box of 1960's drug store sunglasses, which Jason so wonderfully modeled for the world.

The best part, though, was when we walked outside to continue the long drive and it was snowing.
In California! Snow!
Granted, it was little-pieces-of-ice snow, and it all melted two seconds after landing on your jacket, but snow.
You can tell by our faces we were pretty stoked.

In all, we were on the road for about 6 hours.
We kept ourselves entertained by listening and singing along to the soundtracks of various musicals and movies (Les Mis, Wicked, every single Disney movie ever).

But the best surprise was yet to come! 

Before driving to Matt's home, we stopped by two of the most magical houses ever. We tuned into a radio station playing Christmas music that worked only within a 100 foot radius and watched with delight as the lights of the two houses lit up in time to the music!

I mean, I've seen it done on Youtube before but I didn't know that these people really existed in my plane of existence!

It's good to be home.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Fort Fun!

And so the craziness of finals week continues.

As stress levels rise and classes are finished, people search for more ways to misplace their time. Because really, who can study with undivided attention for a whole day? 
Not me, that's for sure!

Today, instead of doing our work, we built a fort in Peter and Z's room.

And promptly dubbed it "The Woman Cave". 
The boys were a little sore. 

We decorated it, complete with Peter's raccoon hat warning boys to "Keep out!", a quilt (made by Alex's grandmother) to add a little color, and a strand of hearts along the top for fun.

In the end, though, we crossed off the "NO" in our sign.
We were, after all, in a boys' room and it wouldn't be fair to make an exclusive fort that they couldn't use! 

Huzzah for lazy Mondays.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Gettin' Crazy at Finals Week.

Well, we're coming up on Finals week, and campus is pretty much dead.
Everyone is inside studying, we have a "22 hours of quiet" policy in the dorms, and the only time people leave their rooms is to eat.

We need an outlet somewhere.

If touching wet paint in an area that says "Freshly Painted- Do Not Touch!" is the craziest I can get this week, I'll do it.

I take my thrills where I can get them.

Friday, June 1, 2012

I Volunteer as Tribute!

Way back when Avatar first came out (can you believe it's been 3 years already!?), 
I imagined what it'd be like to look like a Na'vi.
Avatar makers were abundant on the internet,  and so of course I put my picture in and out came this completely alien-looking blue thing with only a slight resemblance to myself. Apparently Na'vi have much larger eyes, much more rectangular noses, and let's not get me started on the colors! 

Anyways, this past week I've had the chance to redeem my Na'vi self.

My InterVarsity fellowship is hosting a Hunger Games tomorrow (can I get a whoot whoot?) to raise money for Summer Conference and Missions scholarships. The concept is very simple: there are 26 tributes (we have a District 13) who fight viciously to the death with nerf guns, PVC pipe swords, and tennis balls.
And of course we can't forget the district themes! The overall theme is "hit movies", and (you might have guessed it with my random intro) my district's theme is AVATAR! 

My mentor is crazy.
Cray-cray in an amazing and fabulous way. 
He's a mentor for all the tributes who live in the same area of the dorms that I do, the "Sunsprout" community, and he went all out with promos. 

Not only do we have fierce profile pictures,

and amazing cover photos with the rest of our Sunsprout tributes, 

we have a ridiculously awesome promo video. 

We even speak Na'vi, thanks to my district partner who learned it and speaks fluently! 

So, if you're out there and would like to sponsor us tributes, or even just root for us from afar, I hope that you'll be reminded of us tomorrow and send encouraging thoughts our way! 

May The Odds Be Ever In Our Favor!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Want Your Own Song?

Okay, this is one of the most random things I have ever seen in my life.
But gosh, it is so amazing.
And you know, it kind of goes along with Monday Melodies- because it's a song. And it's on Monday.
Here goes. Bear with me.

So my roommate Alexa sent this to me in an email with the words "Follow the instructions exactly."
I was hesitant, but because she was sitting 5 feet away from me and I trusted her, I did it. 

And man, oh man, was it the best thing I did all day.

So I don't know what it has to do with the company, and I don't know what it has to do with anything, really, but I know that it is hilarious and weird and amazing.

It starts out with an apology card.
And then your name is whispered in the air.
And then a man is playing the piano and singing to you.

And he's throwing rose petals in the air, and they're landing in the shape of your name, and it is absolutely fabulous.

I do not know. 
I seriously do not know.

But you will not regret it.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bringing Back the Music

I'm not gonna lie, I don't understand this "new streamlined blogger" yet. It's kind of confusing!
 And in other news- hello there! I feel like I haven't seen you in a while, and if you're still here, well, good for you. Thanks for hanging around. 

My new go-to song of choice this week is April Smith and the Great Picture Show's "Colors". 
It has all the amazing eclectic instrumentals that show up in all my favorite songs and that perfect dancing beat!
April Smith also has that unique voice that takes you a second to get used to, and then you fall in love with it.

If I were to guess a genre I'd say... folk pop? But maybe you'd be the best guess of that. 


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Music in the Air

It just appeared.
One day it wasn't there, the next, there was a piano smack-dab in front of the steps of Royce.
Boasting the words "Play Me, I'm Yours", the piano is free to anyone who wishes to play amidst the hustle of classes and tests.

They're all over LA, placed there by the LA Chamber Orchestra.
30 pianos, decorated, all with those same words, so that anyone can make music.

I might just have to go on a little scavenger hunt!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter by the Beach

So Easter is always a time full of traditions for my family.
We would always go to our church for the Easter morning service, drive up to meet my grandpa for Easter brunch, and then go back to his house for an Easter egg hunt! Well, now that I'm in college, it's been harder to keep those kinds of traditions- especially as my Spring break and Easter don't collide.
Thankfully, Sonya, a friend from Intervarsity, invited me over to her hometown to celebrate Easter with her and her family.
And let me say- Easter by the beach is absolutely fabulous!

{Sonya, Victoria, Duy, Me, Ruri}
We all drove down (or is it up?) to Sonya's church to start out the morning.
The service was great and the people were so welcoming.
After church, we headed back to Sonya's house for lunch, and then Sonya gave us a tour of the beach right by her house!

{Roommates! Victoria and Me}
It was an absolutely beautiful day to be by the beach.
The water was sparkling, families were spread all over the sand, and the weather was perfect!

The best part about Redondo Beach is the decor- there were murals painted on all the walls, shapes of fish printed into the cement, even mosaic on the stairs!
This is probably one of my favorite pictures of all time.
Goodness knows a good fishy face is always in style.

Maybe it was just the dress (borrowed from Victoria), but I always feel a bit out-of-time by the ocean. You know that feeling? Like, knowing that the ocean has been there forever and the short time that you're seeing it is only just a speck of the time it has seen?

Still can't get over the sparkling water.
Easter was perfect.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Treasures and Tunes

So, during Spring Break last week, I had another thrifting adventure with Lena.
Like usual, we found so many gems, our favorites being:

This ridiculous 80's jumper.
You think it's a dress... but surprise! That bottom has legs!

My personal favorite- this whole ensemble.
The boots were hers to begin with, but paired with the zebra striped crop top and the safari shorts made this outfit animal-tastic.

As for tunes, our Goodwill has mounted televisions that are constantly playing some sort of music video station.
I would say it was MTV, but I'm almost certain it's not...

Anways, as you know I'm a fan of the oldies style, you can imagine I fell head over heels in love with Eli "Paperboy" Reed and the True Loves.
It's definitely got a classic vibe, but it's also a bit rock-y and pop-y!


First off- the name. If you remember my awesome-band-name-formula from way back, you'll know that this name wins. Big time.

And secondly, how about this single?

It's just fun.
Lena and I were literally in the middle of Goodwill, thumbing through the racks, and dancing around.

And thirdly? The. Whole. Album.
All of it is just spot-on.

Hello, new favorite band!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Holi Cow! Colors!

If you were wondering if I spelled that right, I meant to do that.
You see, today I participated in celebrating the Hindu festival, Holi, the Festival of Colors!
UCLA gave the opportunity for anyone to try out the cultural party, and we all welcomed the coming of spring with a splash of color! Literally!

Everyone started out in their white (or gray) shirts, ready to get completely colored!

And then chaos ensued.
People were grabbing handfuls of the scented powders (in magenta, hot pink, violet, and red!) and throwing it everywhere.
In people's faces, mostly- I'm still spitting purple.

After the powder war was finished, literally everyone in the field proceeded to whip out their cameras and shoot away.
We attempted a jumping photo.. and only semi-failed.

Color faces! So much fun with Arie, Brittney, Christian, and Anna.

Right at the end of the event, someone got me with a palm smack-dab to the face.
So if you were wondering why half my face is dark magenta, that's why.

Everyone left the field colored pink!
A sea of students, once all in white, now head to toe shades of pink.

We had a fun time comparing our "tan" lines.

And it wouldn't be a proper blog post if I didn't post some weird face pictures.
I feel like the photo on the left is a bit morbid, perhaps because the powder is almost the color of bruises? And I just like the contrast in the picture on the right- especially seeing the little laugh lines around my eyes where the powder couldn't quite hit.

Holi moly, that was fun!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oh, Wise Fortune Cookie

So I was just eating my dinner the other day, getting ready to finish up with a nice little fortune cookie. Lately my fortunes have been orders, like "Speak less of your plans and you will get more of them done".
Uh, thank you for that lesson.

The cookie was feeling a little bit more snarky this time, apparently.

Oh, how right you are, fortune cookie!
They do go together- there's none of either.
Thanks for pointing that out.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Melodies: Eclectic Instumentals

So I'm pretty fond of eclectic instrumentals in songs.
Lulu and the Lampshades is an example- using the elementary school cup rhythm as the basis for their entire song? Amazing.

I haven't done Monday Melodies in a while, but I have two songs today that make me smile and clap my hands because the instrumentals are just so random!

The first one is pretty recent, and hit the internet by storm (at least, among my circle!) a few weeks ago.

OK Go has always had amazingly amusing videos, and the video for "Needing/Getting" is no different.

There are literally no real instruments played how they're normally played (except for in the beginning) but it's a huge car course with sound after sound that they hit while driving through!
My favorite is the row of pianos- who knows how long it took them to get the chords right!

Darn crazy, right?

The other song (and artist) that I've been obsessed with is Ben Rector and his cover of "Free Falling".

He overlays the sounds he makes and continues along in his video, so by the end he has a beat that he made with his refrigerator door, his fists hitting the counter making ice clink in a glass, two piano parts, and his guitar melody!

Definitely is a talented guy- make sure to check out his cover of I Wanna Dance With Somebody, it literally gave me chills!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dance Your Socks Off!

Just this past week, I participated in UCLA's annual Dance Marathon to raise funds and awareness for Pediatric AIDS. It was a grueling 26 hours (because a running marathon is approximately 26 miles) from 11:00 am Saturday to 1:00 pm Sunday of dancing- no sitting- but it was so worth it!
We raised $451,144.03!

The theme for this year was "Dream Out Loud", so all throughout the night we had different costume changes pertaining to dreaming.

1) "Dream Team", which involved dressing up with superpowers. And who has better powers than a unicorn? (Or a unicorn princess, for that matter? The Office, anyone?)
2) "American Dream", dressing up in some way representing our country! Red, white, blue, and stars for the win!
3) "Extreme Dream", involving bright colors, spandex, tie dye, etc! And game faces, as you can see by Sarah and my faces.
4) "Dream Machine", a time machine into any era of your choosing! Of course I chose the 50's.

It was seriously like a dance party the entire time. We had DJs switching out every 4 hours, people were decked out in their costumes and going crazy.
I thought that the enthusiasm would die out by the 10th hour, or at least the 20th hour (I know I was dying inside) but people were high-energy the entire time! Maybe that's the only way to cope with being so tired both of mind and body...

We were all dying quite a bit by the end. At meal times, we were eating at tables without chairs, and it was practically torture.
The best feeling was squatting with your arms on the table because it took pressure off your feet and relieved pressure from your lower back from standing up for so long... but the minute you stood up, it hurt even more.
Priscilla and I also tried sleeping while in this position. It didn't work.

My favorite hour of the whole 26 was the very last one, named "Power Hour".
Instead of playing the same current mainstream songs that we had been hearing the whole night, we had an hour of songs that everyone knew all the words to- "Ain't No Mountain High Enough", "Don't Stop Believing", "Build Me Up Buttercup", etc.
There was a LOT of fist pumping and shout-singing.

And the best moment of the whole thing? The end.
Literally the second we finished, when the stopwatch hit 00:00, everyone screamed and fell down.
We hadn't sit down for 26 hours, that was the best feeling in the world!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The One in Which I Look Like a Vampire

So I told you guys about how I spent my birthday sick in bed in my dorm, with a rash, a sore throat, and a fever- right?
Oh, I didn't?
How about Valentine's Day when I was stuck in bed with a fever and woke up the next day with weird puffy/splotchy eyes?
I have a real talent for the special days, I think.

Here goes...

I mean, Valentine's Day I was already kind of freaked out because I had thrown up essentially nothing (... 7 times) Sunday night in the wee hours of the morning.
Monday was spent with a fever, and Tuesday was spent with a headache and just a bit of dizziness.
I thought I was getting better!
When I woke up with crazy eyes today, I started bawling.

My absolutely wonderful friends from fellowship drove me to the UCLA clinic, sat with me in the waiting room, and waited through my 3 hour appointment- that's love.

I would mention the fact that I detest needles, but I sincerely doubt there's someone out there who likes them.
So I'll keep my complaints to myself.

Sarah and I were, however, treated to apple juice on the house!

And for some reason, the lights in the room turned my phone's camera into some sort of soft-focus lame-o.
So just ignore the lighting and my kind of crazy expression- it was a long day.

The best part of the day was when I found my doppelganger- vampires!
Anyone who has seen a picture of a vampire from Vampire Diaries has seen the creepy veiny thing that happens to their eyes when they're about to grow fangs or whatnot- that's what my eyes looked like.
I accentuated my veins a bit in the picture to match, but really, it's a dead ringer.

Edit to add: And just in case you guys were worrying, it turns out this was just a virus and all should be well within the week! I'm feeling better already.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

90's Kid

You know those weird moments where you see something that you haven't seen in YEARS and everything just comes rushing back?
And you didn't even remember that you had forgotten it, it had literally just been so long that it been erased from your memory... or so you thought?

That happened to me yesterday night.

I was just scrolling down tumblr, perfectly content, when I saw this gif:

I stared at it a couple of minutes, just thinking, "WHY IS THIS SO FAMILIAR?"
Why do I even know what this is, and why do I remember wanting so badly to be able to do it??

Thank heavens for the ease of the internet; I found out straightaway that it came from The Big Comfy Couch, a TV show that apparently I watched when I was younger.

And then it all came back.
The dust bunnies, Molly's clock stretch, her story time...

Somehow this picture (that should be rather frightening) was comforting.

I guess I'm a true 90's kid.

Do you remember this?! What have you forgotten from your childhood?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Maybe It's Just Me...

But does anyone else's hair have a mind of its own?

Because really, how does hair escape like this?

I'm not a bad braider or anything.
My hair isn't horribly layered.
I don't constantly touch it.

I think it just likes being free.

Oh, well.

(Note: This was taken at home. I'm back at school as of yesterday.)