Friday, January 6, 2012

Better Than Snuggies.

While I was still recovering from my wisdom teeth extraction, Karina and Darian, my favorite brother and sister duo, came over to visit me in my hour of need!
(Even though it was really just more of a hang out session... Like I said before, my mouth didn't hurt that bad.)

We kept ourselves busy by powering through The Office season 5 in our just-bought footsie pajamas.
Seriously, though.
I could lounge around in those things for days.

Because Darian wanted no part in our fuzzy-snuggling madness, he offered to play photographer... often from very strange positions (like the one pictured).
His choice of attire leaned more toward the glow-in-the-dark biker outfit than the footsie-pajamas.

And, because we were so happy to show these babies off-

- the footsies in their full glory.
The best part? We found them at Target in the kid's section for $10.
Not bad for cupcakes (Karina's, from the girl's) and spaceships (Mine, from the boy's)!

All in all, a pretty good use of our time.


Hannahkin said...

OH, I WANT A PAIR! :) you guys are the cutest. and um, best idea. watching The Office in footsies, i mean. and taking photos of it ;)

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

I have wanted a pair of footsie PJ's FOREVER! I'm seriously tempted to surprise the fiance with a matching pair, lol! So fun!!!