Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Say Good-bye to Wisdom!

So yesterday I got my last two wisdom teeth taken out.
The upper two are the less painful ones, according to my dentist/doctor/teeth-extractor, and seeing as I didn't have any problems with my bottom two I had high hopes for these!

My mom took a rather frightening picture of me while I was still sedated, puffy cheeks and all.
Not gonna lie- it kinda looks like a black-mail picture, so I guess I should show it to the world before it can be used against me.

I have never been a fan of the oxygen tubes.
I mean, I get that they're essential, but they tickle to the point where my eyes water because they're so uncomfortable.
They also just look scary.

I was also lucky enough to have veins that didn't want to cooperate, so for the first time ever, I had my general anesthesia given to me through the back of my hand.
I didn't even know that they did that.

After I slept for about 3 hours and wore off the last of the drugs, I was up and ready to go!
Technically, I was told to take it easy and sit around for most of the day, but three hours was enough rest for me.
So I called up Lena!

Lena was babysitting the most adorable girl, Sophia, so the two of them came over to visit me.
We colored.
A lot.

It was the perfect distraction!
I had met Sophia before and we had become fast friends, so I was glad she was so comfortable around me in the short time they visited.

Sophia was really into drawing families, so we drew mommy, daddy, and baby strawberries, carrots, mermaids (a TON of them), and snowmen!

And the most perfect surprise came when we were putting on Sophia's shoes to go home....

The coolest sunset-cloud ever!
What a beautiful end to the day.

I guess my experiences with wisdom teeth extraction haven't been too bad at all.


Kate said...

How absolutely beautiful! And that little girl is adorable.

Glad your all done with wisdom teeth surgeries!

Karm said...

Ohhh I have not had my wisdom teeth pulled yet.. I want them to come out so I won't have to worry about them... ugh. I heard scary stories!! haha But you seem pretty fine and dandy about it, so I think my scared-o-meter went down a tad bit haha. That is a beautuful sunset.

Meghan O said...

you had two surgeries to get them out?! I went in once and got all 4 out. it wasn't as bad as I thought. not too much pain. the chipmunk cheeks were the biggest bummer.

Kayla said...

oh my gosh i love you so much. you always make me smile!

dang you recovered fast. i was in bed for 3 days, not able to eat anything when i had my wisdoms out! i had all 4 + 2 other teeth out though. i had chipmunk cheeks and it hurt so bad! i couldn't even stand up for a few days because i would get light headed! it was awful!