Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Melodies: Eclectic Instumentals

So I'm pretty fond of eclectic instrumentals in songs.
Lulu and the Lampshades is an example- using the elementary school cup rhythm as the basis for their entire song? Amazing.

I haven't done Monday Melodies in a while, but I have two songs today that make me smile and clap my hands because the instrumentals are just so random!

The first one is pretty recent, and hit the internet by storm (at least, among my circle!) a few weeks ago.

OK Go has always had amazingly amusing videos, and the video for "Needing/Getting" is no different.

There are literally no real instruments played how they're normally played (except for in the beginning) but it's a huge car course with sound after sound that they hit while driving through!
My favorite is the row of pianos- who knows how long it took them to get the chords right!

Darn crazy, right?

The other song (and artist) that I've been obsessed with is Ben Rector and his cover of "Free Falling".

He overlays the sounds he makes and continues along in his video, so by the end he has a beat that he made with his refrigerator door, his fists hitting the counter making ice clink in a glass, two piano parts, and his guitar melody!

Definitely is a talented guy- make sure to check out his cover of I Wanna Dance With Somebody, it literally gave me chills!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dance Your Socks Off!

Just this past week, I participated in UCLA's annual Dance Marathon to raise funds and awareness for Pediatric AIDS. It was a grueling 26 hours (because a running marathon is approximately 26 miles) from 11:00 am Saturday to 1:00 pm Sunday of dancing- no sitting- but it was so worth it!
We raised $451,144.03!

The theme for this year was "Dream Out Loud", so all throughout the night we had different costume changes pertaining to dreaming.

1) "Dream Team", which involved dressing up with superpowers. And who has better powers than a unicorn? (Or a unicorn princess, for that matter? The Office, anyone?)
2) "American Dream", dressing up in some way representing our country! Red, white, blue, and stars for the win!
3) "Extreme Dream", involving bright colors, spandex, tie dye, etc! And game faces, as you can see by Sarah and my faces.
4) "Dream Machine", a time machine into any era of your choosing! Of course I chose the 50's.

It was seriously like a dance party the entire time. We had DJs switching out every 4 hours, people were decked out in their costumes and going crazy.
I thought that the enthusiasm would die out by the 10th hour, or at least the 20th hour (I know I was dying inside) but people were high-energy the entire time! Maybe that's the only way to cope with being so tired both of mind and body...

We were all dying quite a bit by the end. At meal times, we were eating at tables without chairs, and it was practically torture.
The best feeling was squatting with your arms on the table because it took pressure off your feet and relieved pressure from your lower back from standing up for so long... but the minute you stood up, it hurt even more.
Priscilla and I also tried sleeping while in this position. It didn't work.

My favorite hour of the whole 26 was the very last one, named "Power Hour".
Instead of playing the same current mainstream songs that we had been hearing the whole night, we had an hour of songs that everyone knew all the words to- "Ain't No Mountain High Enough", "Don't Stop Believing", "Build Me Up Buttercup", etc.
There was a LOT of fist pumping and shout-singing.

And the best moment of the whole thing? The end.
Literally the second we finished, when the stopwatch hit 00:00, everyone screamed and fell down.
We hadn't sit down for 26 hours, that was the best feeling in the world!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The One in Which I Look Like a Vampire

So I told you guys about how I spent my birthday sick in bed in my dorm, with a rash, a sore throat, and a fever- right?
Oh, I didn't?
How about Valentine's Day when I was stuck in bed with a fever and woke up the next day with weird puffy/splotchy eyes?
I have a real talent for the special days, I think.

Here goes...

I mean, Valentine's Day I was already kind of freaked out because I had thrown up essentially nothing (... 7 times) Sunday night in the wee hours of the morning.
Monday was spent with a fever, and Tuesday was spent with a headache and just a bit of dizziness.
I thought I was getting better!
When I woke up with crazy eyes today, I started bawling.

My absolutely wonderful friends from fellowship drove me to the UCLA clinic, sat with me in the waiting room, and waited through my 3 hour appointment- that's love.

I would mention the fact that I detest needles, but I sincerely doubt there's someone out there who likes them.
So I'll keep my complaints to myself.

Sarah and I were, however, treated to apple juice on the house!

And for some reason, the lights in the room turned my phone's camera into some sort of soft-focus lame-o.
So just ignore the lighting and my kind of crazy expression- it was a long day.

The best part of the day was when I found my doppelganger- vampires!
Anyone who has seen a picture of a vampire from Vampire Diaries has seen the creepy veiny thing that happens to their eyes when they're about to grow fangs or whatnot- that's what my eyes looked like.
I accentuated my veins a bit in the picture to match, but really, it's a dead ringer.

Edit to add: And just in case you guys were worrying, it turns out this was just a virus and all should be well within the week! I'm feeling better already.