Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Melodies: Eclectic Instumentals

So I'm pretty fond of eclectic instrumentals in songs.
Lulu and the Lampshades is an example- using the elementary school cup rhythm as the basis for their entire song? Amazing.

I haven't done Monday Melodies in a while, but I have two songs today that make me smile and clap my hands because the instrumentals are just so random!

The first one is pretty recent, and hit the internet by storm (at least, among my circle!) a few weeks ago.

OK Go has always had amazingly amusing videos, and the video for "Needing/Getting" is no different.

There are literally no real instruments played how they're normally played (except for in the beginning) but it's a huge car course with sound after sound that they hit while driving through!
My favorite is the row of pianos- who knows how long it took them to get the chords right!

Darn crazy, right?

The other song (and artist) that I've been obsessed with is Ben Rector and his cover of "Free Falling".

He overlays the sounds he makes and continues along in his video, so by the end he has a beat that he made with his refrigerator door, his fists hitting the counter making ice clink in a glass, two piano parts, and his guitar melody!

Definitely is a talented guy- make sure to check out his cover of I Wanna Dance With Somebody, it literally gave me chills!


Darian said...

wow what awesome songs!

K said...

I just saw Ben in concert. Needless to say he was awesome and he did the I wanna dance with somebody cover! I agree; definite chills!