Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter by the Beach

So Easter is always a time full of traditions for my family.
We would always go to our church for the Easter morning service, drive up to meet my grandpa for Easter brunch, and then go back to his house for an Easter egg hunt! Well, now that I'm in college, it's been harder to keep those kinds of traditions- especially as my Spring break and Easter don't collide.
Thankfully, Sonya, a friend from Intervarsity, invited me over to her hometown to celebrate Easter with her and her family.
And let me say- Easter by the beach is absolutely fabulous!

{Sonya, Victoria, Duy, Me, Ruri}
We all drove down (or is it up?) to Sonya's church to start out the morning.
The service was great and the people were so welcoming.
After church, we headed back to Sonya's house for lunch, and then Sonya gave us a tour of the beach right by her house!

{Roommates! Victoria and Me}
It was an absolutely beautiful day to be by the beach.
The water was sparkling, families were spread all over the sand, and the weather was perfect!

The best part about Redondo Beach is the decor- there were murals painted on all the walls, shapes of fish printed into the cement, even mosaic on the stairs!
This is probably one of my favorite pictures of all time.
Goodness knows a good fishy face is always in style.

Maybe it was just the dress (borrowed from Victoria), but I always feel a bit out-of-time by the ocean. You know that feeling? Like, knowing that the ocean has been there forever and the short time that you're seeing it is only just a speck of the time it has seen?

Still can't get over the sparkling water.
Easter was perfect.


Abbi said...

oh this is so lovely! you and your friends are TOO beautiful. sounds like a wonderful weekend.

Karm said...

Wow the water does look inviting!!
Yoru photos are gorgeous.
What a great weekend!!

Mrs. Pedersen said...

I love that last image...gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

great pictures!
Lovely dress :)