Thursday, April 12, 2012

Music in the Air

It just appeared.
One day it wasn't there, the next, there was a piano smack-dab in front of the steps of Royce.
Boasting the words "Play Me, I'm Yours", the piano is free to anyone who wishes to play amidst the hustle of classes and tests.

They're all over LA, placed there by the LA Chamber Orchestra.
30 pianos, decorated, all with those same words, so that anyone can make music.

I might just have to go on a little scavenger hunt!


Hima said...

Oh my that's amazing! I totally wish they'd do that in San Jose/Saratoga. How's college, girl? Almost done with freshman year, huh?


His Little Lady said...

oh a scavenger hunt sounds fabulous!!! how fun!
xo TJ