Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bringing Back the Music

I'm not gonna lie, I don't understand this "new streamlined blogger" yet. It's kind of confusing!
 And in other news- hello there! I feel like I haven't seen you in a while, and if you're still here, well, good for you. Thanks for hanging around. 

My new go-to song of choice this week is April Smith and the Great Picture Show's "Colors". 
It has all the amazing eclectic instrumentals that show up in all my favorite songs and that perfect dancing beat!
April Smith also has that unique voice that takes you a second to get used to, and then you fall in love with it.

If I were to guess a genre I'd say... folk pop? But maybe you'd be the best guess of that. 



Emily Meyers said...

Hey there! Love your cute blog! I just added myself to your followers for support and wanted to invite you to come enter a fabulous MODCLOTH giveaway I'm having right now!!

Hope to see you there! Thanks so much!


Hima said...

Loved it! I just downloaded like, 10 of their songs. Didn't you think the weird kazoo part in the middle as weird, though?