Sunday, March 11, 2012

Holi Cow! Colors!

If you were wondering if I spelled that right, I meant to do that.
You see, today I participated in celebrating the Hindu festival, Holi, the Festival of Colors!
UCLA gave the opportunity for anyone to try out the cultural party, and we all welcomed the coming of spring with a splash of color! Literally!

Everyone started out in their white (or gray) shirts, ready to get completely colored!

And then chaos ensued.
People were grabbing handfuls of the scented powders (in magenta, hot pink, violet, and red!) and throwing it everywhere.
In people's faces, mostly- I'm still spitting purple.

After the powder war was finished, literally everyone in the field proceeded to whip out their cameras and shoot away.
We attempted a jumping photo.. and only semi-failed.

Color faces! So much fun with Arie, Brittney, Christian, and Anna.

Right at the end of the event, someone got me with a palm smack-dab to the face.
So if you were wondering why half my face is dark magenta, that's why.

Everyone left the field colored pink!
A sea of students, once all in white, now head to toe shades of pink.

We had a fun time comparing our "tan" lines.

And it wouldn't be a proper blog post if I didn't post some weird face pictures.
I feel like the photo on the left is a bit morbid, perhaps because the powder is almost the color of bruises? And I just like the contrast in the picture on the right- especially seeing the little laugh lines around my eyes where the powder couldn't quite hit.

Holi moly, that was fun!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oh, Wise Fortune Cookie

So I was just eating my dinner the other day, getting ready to finish up with a nice little fortune cookie. Lately my fortunes have been orders, like "Speak less of your plans and you will get more of them done".
Uh, thank you for that lesson.

The cookie was feeling a little bit more snarky this time, apparently.

Oh, how right you are, fortune cookie!
They do go together- there's none of either.
Thanks for pointing that out.