Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Such is Life.

Midterms, papers, school- it's all rushing by so fast!
Can it really already be May?

I feel like I was just studying for finals last quarter, yet here I am, crammed up in my room between review sessions, procrastinating on more studying.
But such is life!
I spent the past 5 minutes going through the randomness that is the photos on my phone, little snippets of running to and from class and meeting and friends.

Here is apparently what has been catching my eye the past few months:

Lonely letters written to the world.

"I don't understand. How is it possible to feel so alone in a world full of people?"

School buses dubbed "cool" buses. 
Darn right. Stay in school, kids!

Capturing a moment of my eccentricity.
(I learned in class yesterday that's the nice word for "crazy".)
Apparently people don't usually separate their M&Ms by color, saving blues for last and eating the rest in same-color pairs?

My school for you, folks.
Yes, that is "Platform 9 3/4" chalked into the sign for our parking structure. And "Diagon Alley" chalked into an archway.


Anonymous said...

Glad to know you are doing so well!!! I miss your posts!!

Vanessa said...

Allison, I TOTALLY separate my m&m's by color, eating only one color at a time, from my least favorite to my most favorite, blue always being last. I do the same with my skittles and starbursts too! I find this totally normal. 8)

Hope you kick some finals-butt!



nice post!